Seattle Area Land Acquisition Services and Support

Do you own land in the Seattle area that is going underused or that you are considering parting with but aren’t sure the most beneficial way to offer it for sale?  Perhaps you have considered parceling it out or have been approached by an interested buyer but are uncertain of how to proceed.  Let me provide you with the expert knowledge required to prepare, market, and sell your property so that you can recognize top dollar.

The Northwest Region has plenty of developers that may be eager to purchase your property, but have no doubt – they are interested in the lowest price for your property. You need an experienced and skilled real estate negotiator to represent you and to help you traverse the Seattle area’s real estate property acquisition landscape.

Is Subdividing Right for Me?

While subdividing will often increase the value of the land, it is important to evaluate the risks and rewards based on real-world experience and hands-on knowledge.  Through my land acquisition services and support team, I can help you assess the market, negotiate the subdivision process, and present the divided parcels for sale.

Your Land Acquisition Support Team is Already Assembled!

To move forward with the land acquisition phase, you will require an experienced team that is knowledgeable in state and federal legal requirements, permitting, plat approval, and working with local municipalities in the sub-dividing or renovating process.  With my lengthy experience working for my family’s new home building business, I have first-hand knowledge of how the process works in the Seattle area market and can help you traverse the often-bumpy terrain.

Contact me to discuss all your options for property subdivision and sale through our land acquisition services and support team.

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